Respeto, confianza y liderazgo en consultoría legal
Respect, trust and leadership in legal consulting
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About Us

We are a boutique firm of legal advisors in Intellectual Property, Corporate Matters and Capital Market expertise, qualified to offer assertive solutions aimed at fostering your company’s legal soundness by providing services on a case-by-case or an ongoing basis.




Practice Areas

Protection of trademarks, industrial designs, designations of origin, utility models and patents, as well as management of legal schemes focused on their its commercial exploitation.

Legal management of artistic, literary and scientific works, in relation to the rights of creators and owners in projects related to the software industry, fashion, marketing and advertising.

Permanent advice on training, operational and legal organization of business and trade relations.

Legal support regarding the preparation, negotiation and review of business contracts.

Advice focused on the implementation of the legal system required for the collection, use and transfer of databases.

Elaboration of legal concepts related to financial regulation and its interference with Capital Market players.


Our work team


Lawyer from Rosario University, major in Capital Market Law at the Pontifical University Javeriana and Master in Business Law and Business at the University of La Sabana (ongoing). Professor of the Chair of Law Introductiont at the Rosario University (2017- ongoing) Assistant Professor of the Chair of Securities at the Rosario University (2011-2012). He has experience in Capital Markets, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property. Languages: English.









Lawyer graduated from the Rosario University, Master in Laws from the University of Genoa, Italy. Doctor in laws from Barcelona University. Universitary proffesor. He has experience on issues related to project planning R + D + I, new inventions, distinctive signs and technology transfer transactions. Professor and researcher invited by universities in Mexico, Spain and Italy. Languages: English.








Political scientist from the Rosario University with a masters degree in Public Policy of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy, university of Erfurt, Geermany. She has experience in project management, event planning and research. Languages: English and Spanish.











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